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They want to obtain information quickly when they need it with minimal effort. The goal of inbound marketing is to direct qualified leads through a sales funnel that creates brand awareness. With inbound marketing, strong customer relationships are key. Who are your ideal customers? The first step of inbound marketing is answering this question. You need to know your buyer personas —the people who are most likely to buy from your company. This step is crucial to ensure you get the right traffic to your website. Then, target that specific audience with blogging, SEO, and social media.

The tools needed for this step include CTAs, forms, and landing pages. To become leads, your visitors can click on a CTA that will bring them to a form on a landing page where they submit their information. You should chat with visitors, make it easy for prospects to book meetings with you, and always connect them to the right people. When all your data is in one place, the process becomes a lot easier.

This is where you turn leads into paying customers. Predictive lead scoring is a great way to ensure your sales team is prioritizing the most qualified leads. You want to ensure you keep long-term, loyal customers. Delight your customers so they stay with you, buy more, and turn into promoters of your business by referring their friends.

Think again. Consumer capitalism began to dominate the world. Fast forward to the modern era and the birth of the internet—evolving technology rendered these old-school strategies ineffective. Simply put, the way people buy has changed. Consumers spend more time searching for commercial-free content online than passively absorbing media like TV and radio.

Search now plays a big role in how people are making buying decisions. They come to you only after conducting independent research through search engines, social media sites, online communities, blogs, and company websites. Think about the last time you were actually inspired to buy something when you drove by a billboard. If consumers are changing the way they shop, it only makes sense that businesses have to adapt. Case in point: Blockbuster and Netflix. The company is now worth more than GE and Ford —and we know what happened to Blockbuster. Consumers want to be listened to and educated.

Sales and marketing alignment is crucial for a successful inbound marketing strategy. The marketing team nurtures leads through each stage of the process and delivers them to the sales team at the exact right time. They build the much-needed trust, credibility, and authority to warm up leads for the sales team. Building brand awareness is vital for any small or medium-sized business. A strong brand helps you be seen and heard in your industry, and stay ahead of your competitors.

By creating and sharing educational resources like e-books and how-to guides, you have the opportunity to be a thought leader in your industry. Staying relevant in this way will dramatically improve your sales. By providing free resources to visitors in exchange for their contact information, you can gather a long list of leads to follow up with. Your business also needs inbound marketing to measure your efforts. You can measure the effects of your strategies by analyzing website visits and what people download, click on, comment on, and more.

You can analyze patterns and trends to see where your conversion rate is lacking and what could be improved. What constitutes a good marketing campaign? And how do you begin the process? The better you know your ideal customer, the more useful and relevant your content will be. Focus on creating how-to blog posts and step-by-step videos, for example. Rather, the purpose of your inbound marketing campaign should be to develop relationships with your prospects before you sell them on your company.

Inbound marketing is all about creating the right content for the right people at the right time.

How can you achieve this? Again, you need to understand who your audience is. Tailor your content to their wants and challenges and deliver it exactly when they need the information. Consistency is key in your marketing campaign. Your messaging needs to stay the same across all your marketing efforts. Prospects will form an impression of your company through your website, blog posts, social media posts, and resources.

To make a good first impression, getting the content right is crucial. The more your prospects come to trust you, the more likely they are to become customers and evangelists of your brand. Keeping these characteristics in mind, here are some components of a successful marketing campaign:. The prospect realizes they have a problem.

Content that will deliver value at this stage includes blog posts, e-books, videos, and other educational content. The prospect identifies their problem and researches potential solutions. Demonstrate how your products or services stand out from the competition. The prospect makes a purchase decision. Effective content for this stage includes case studies, trial offers, and demos. To create an effective inbound marketing campaign, you need a team of skilled content creators.

One option is to use people inside your organization. Your coworkers can contribute by writing e-books themselves, or content specialists can interview them and share their expertise. You can also look outside your own company for help creating content. New online content marketplaces are springing up to connect marketers with legions of freelance writers and editors who will take on blog posts, e-books, and other writing jobs for you. You can specify the topic, your desired style and tone, and your intended audience.

Make the most of your marketing campaign by repurposing your content. The key to upcycling content is to take something old and make something new that is equally or more valuable. It cannot depreciate in value.

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To start generating new leads from your content offer, create a unique landing page for that offer. This is where visitors will fill out a form with their contact information to receive the offer and become leads. Landing pages are critical to the conversion process. Here are the key components that make a landing page effective :. Ensure your headline makes your offer immediately clear. Landing pages are meant to entice a specific action—let the visitor clearly know what you want them to do.

Use a visual representation to quickly communicate your offer. No one wants to read a giant block of text online. Your landing page should cover all the necessary information without being too long or cluttered. Include a brief description of your offer and why your visitors should download it. Use bolded text and bullet points to clearly convey the value and benefits.

The ultimate goal of your landing page is to get visitors to fill out the form. Keep the form short. Asking too many questions will make your visitors wonder if they really want to put time and effort filling out the form to get your offer. The shorter the form, the more likely people will be willing to fill it out. Thus, longer forms will result in fewer but higher quality leads. Find the balance between collecting enough information to contact and qualify the leads and not asking for too much.

Your landing page should focus on one single offer and include a succinct call-to-action. Avoid being vague—make it clear exactly what action you want your web visitors to take. Use powerful conversion words to increase your conversions. As a powerful marketing tool, workflows allow you to segment leads and convert more leads into customers.

Using workflows to nurture your leads also saves your sales team time. Instead, you should set up workflows to automatically send out emails whenever you want. Set them accordingly as new leads come in. Breaking your contact database into smaller segments allows you to increase engagement and move your leads farther down the funnel.

Actively Manage Your Facebook Page

Segmented emails perform better than mass communications. In fact, segmented emails get twice as many clicks as non-segmented emails. Remember to always offer value first. Focus on delivering educational content like videos and blog posts rather than pushing for a sale. HubSpot allows you to create smart lists—workflows that can be triggered when one of your contacts becomes part of a segment. Smart lists automatically update themselves, adding new contacts to the lists you created based on the criteria you set.

Wondering what your workflows should look like? Here are some examples that can help you with lead scoring and moving prospects down the sales funnel:. Your email list should be one of the most powerful contact databases you have access to. So how would you go about making this announcement to your email list? Use your email list to let your current contacts know about your newly released offer. Increase your open and clickthrough rates by showing your prospects that you know them. When it comes to personalization, stick to the basics like recipient names and company names.

Most people check email on their phones today, making mobile optimization a necessity. Keep the messaging brief and ensure the layout displays well on mobile devices. Emails can play an important role in your SEO optimization. To make your email marketing SEO friendly , include inbound links, create a web-only version of your emails, and repurpose newsletters into blogs.

Create and save email templates that you can reuse in the future. Having one call-to-action in your emails makes it easier to track progress and measure success. To check your email performance, check the clickthrough rate, bounce rate, forwarding rate, landing page views and conversions, and more. Leveraging your blog and social media channels is a great way to drive traffic to your landing page. Take excerpts from your content offer and feature it as a blog post.

Use subheadings throughout the blog to break up the text. This will make your content more engaging and allow your reader to scroll through the blog. Include social sharing buttons on every blog post. Doing so will encourage readers to share your content and expand its reach.

Instead, control where and how often you share your content. You want to pick the networks your target buyers are using to get the best results. Remember, different social networks work better at promoting different types of content. Visual content works best on Pinterest and Instagram, while simple copy works better for Twitter and LinkedIn.

Consider using a hashtag when promoting your content offer. Integrate relevant hashtags into your marketing campaign to see the best results and streamline discussions around your content offer. You need to revisit every aspect of your campaign and evaluate how well it performed both individually and as a whole.

5 Steps to Creating a Profitable Facebook Advertising Campaign

You know the benefits of inbound marketing and how it can transform your business. But is now the right time for you to invest in this methodology? The main purpose of your inbound marketing program should be to generate greater awareness and engagement with your target audience. You also want to stand apart from your competition by developing your thought leadership. Finally, an effective inbound marketing program should generate more sales-qualified leads SQLs for your company and increase lead velocity.

Cold calling. Print advertisements.

How to Promote a Book: 8 Lessons from Bestsellers

TV commercials. Since more and more people are turning to the internet for answers, your outbound marketing results are probably declining. You can do a mix of both inbound and outbound marketing to target all your ideal customers. Inbound, on the other hand, is completely measurable. With inbound marketing, all your decisions will be based on evidence. If your ideal buyers are online and using search engines, forums, email, and social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook, then you can and should!

Conduct buyer persona research to determine what to publish on what platforms in order to generate the most leads. You know your potential buyers are looking for solutions and educating themselves through search engines. You need a strong online presence to attract leads to your website. Blogs and social media posts are good ways to do so. Then close the deal through emails, workflows, and sales enablement.

Having a clear, detailed website also informs your customers about all the products and services you offer. Inbound marketing is especially effective for companies with a longer sales cycle. You have to warm them up first. Inbound will not only help you attract a bigger audience, but also the right audience for your business. Inbound marketing is a proven method that can help you attract your ideal customers and win their business. But there are different ways to go about getting started. If you manage inbound marketing in-house , you maintain full control of your efforts.

Besides human capital, you also need the time and technology to take care of all inbound tasks. With everything involved, managing inbound marketing in-house will be extremely costly. Many companies are realizing they need help with inbound marketing. An inbound marketing agency. They help you develop a customized strategy and take care of all inbound marketing tasks for you.

They create and distribute content, manage your social media accounts, build and design your website, manage SEO, and more. Here are the benefits of partnering with an inbound agency to reach your marketing goals:. Inbound marketing agencies evidently know all the ins and outs of inbound. Their diverse education and experience in business strategy, inbound marketing, social media, and more will add tremendous value to your company.

The right agency will ensure you see measurable results sooner than you could on your own. The marketing automation software your agency uses will give you a high-level view of all your activities. An agency will help you set SMART specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound marketing goals and develop a strategy to reach them. This category is where you build a sense of community. This is where you show your understanding of the conversational aspect of social media. It proves you are listening to them and value them. The rule of thirds is a simple concept that works.

It takes the guesswork out of social media and helps you grow your followers and build a diverse community. Instead, consider it to be an informal guide that leads to social media success. Want a winning social media strategy for your business? Owner of Sweet Home Marketing. Lindsey writes about how to manage your business more efficiently, effectively, and economically. Your email address will not be published. What is the Rule of Thirds? Promote Your Business Most marketers are great at this.

Content Curation Lots of people avoid this for some reason. Engagement This category is where you build a sense of community. Receive Posts via Email.

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